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Experience And Qualifications

Community Service

Professional Experience


  • Graduate of Los Gatos High School – Class of 1975

  • B.S. Business Management, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

  • University of California, Quality Management Certificate Program

  • Cornell, CalTech and Harvard – Professional Development Programs 

  • Disaster Aid Response Team Member/Leadership: Charter member (1982-84)

  • Civic Center Hillside Neighborhood Wildfire Preparation & Prevention – Founder (2017)

  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Member, Civic Center (2019)

  • Chairperson, Town of Los Gatos, Ad Hoc Wildfire Committee (2020)

  • Leader, Community Service Projects, supporting Los Gatos Parks / Public Works (2016-19)

  • ​Recognition

    • Community Champion, Awarded by Mayor Marcia Jensen, January 2020

    • Commendation from Chief Tony Bowden, Santa Clara County Fire Department, January 2020

  • Division Manager, Fortune 500 Public Utility Company, Revenues $500 million, Budget $100 million (1979-1997)

  • President, Capital Equipment Manufacturing Company (1997-2003)

  • Consultant, Cisco Systems (2003-04)

  • CEO/EVP, Corporate Learning, serving the Tech Industry (2004-present)

  • Corporate Chair, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

  • Guest Lecturer, MIT Sloan School

  • Board President, Monterey County Business Council

  • President / Board Member, Children’s Romanian Health Outreach

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