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Rob Stump

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My philosophy is simple: take challenges head-on, and get results! That’s the attitude I’ve applied to every aspect of my life, and it’s what I’ll apply to the Town Council.


As a 3rd generation Los Gatan, I love the charm and character of our town; I like what Los Gatos has to offer, and I want to keep it that way.


Los Gatos had a population around 3,000 when my grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Stump, arrived in 1923.                                                                                    He was called to serve at First Baptist Church of Los Gatos. Two                                                                                         years later, in 1925, my father was born on the same land that is

                                                                               now the High School lawn! 

                                                                               The downtown, then as it is now, is important to the charm and                                                                                       character of Los Gatos. It has been the hub of community activity                                                                                   for generations. This Town is in my DNA: both my father and I                                                                                           worked in Downtown business; my dad at Duncan’s Drug Store                                                                                        and the Mobil Gas Station, and me at Frank’s Los Gatos Market.


                                                                                I grew-up in Los Gatos, attending Louise Van Meter, Raymond J.

                                                                                Fisher and Los Gatos High School.


Family is of central importance to my wife Nancy and me. We’ve raised three children while being members of the Los Gatos Community for 32 years and hillside residents for 22 years.


Living in the hillside has brought a whole new understanding of land stewardship in an effort to thwart the on-going and increasing threat of wildfire to the Town of Los Gatos. We have both been active in raising awareness of this threat throughout the Civic Center Hillside Neighborhood and the Town of Los Gatos.


Our children, Mary (far right), Rachel (center)

and Peter (far left) are 4th generation Los Gatans

and 3rd generation graduates of Los Gatos

High School. In this community, they thrived

socially and academically including

developing a number of life-long friendships.

While dispersed throughout Northern California,

they still consider Los Gatos to be their home.


This kind of environment is what I’m running to

preserve.  I want to make sure that every family,

whether your roots run nearly 100 years deep like

mine or you are a brand-new transplant, has the

same authentic, real, safe and secure

opportunities that were presented to me and my kids. Maintaining the charm and character of Los Gatos for generations to come is a high priority.

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